Incoming tour operators and destination services

Incoming tour operators purchase tourism services in their own countries and package them into products that are subsequently marketed abroad by partners. Some incoming tour operators also play an essential complementary role to that of the outgoing tour operator by providing a range of optional services at destination, such as passenger transfers, tours, sports activities, special visits, etc.

Jonview Canada

Jonview Canada is the country’s leading incoming tour operator. It offers a range of products including guided tours, individual packages that combine air and train travel with vehicle rental; sports or adventure packages; and customized group packages, which are distributed in approximately 50 countries.

Lise Gagnon, President
Telephone: +1 514 987-1660


Tourgreece, one of the largest incoming tour operators in Greece, has unparalleled experience working with groups, conference organizers and tourists. The company, which is based in Athens and has a network of regional representatives, offers excursions, tours, cruises as well as accommodation support and airport transfers.

Vassilis Sakellaris, President
Telephone: +30 21 09 24 43 45

Trafic Tours

Trafic Tours offers excursions and other destination services to vacationers in the greater region of Puerto Vallarta, as well as in Cancun and in the Maya Riviera in Mexico.


Based in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, Turissimo specializes in land and sea excursions across the Dominican Republic.

Transat Holidays USA

Transat Holidays USA, located in Florida, provides destination services and travel agency services.