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Transat A.T. Inc.
Tour Transat
300 Léo-Pariseau Street, Suite 600
Montreal (Quebec)  H2X 4C2
Tel: +1 514 987-1616

To obtain an answer to your request, please contact the appropriate department directly.

For any question or comment regarding your trip, please contact your travel agent or our Customer Relations department.

Customer Relations


Air Transat, Nolitours, Vacances Transat
1 800 387-2672 or +1 514 987-6078


Vacances Transat

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Canadian Affair



+30 210 92 44 345-9

Investor Relations

Denis Pétrin
Chief Financial Officer
+1 514 987-1660

Media Relations

For any information regarding Transat, Air Transat, Transat’s other business units or current operations, please contact Debbie Cabana at +1 514 987-1616, ext. 4662 or If necessary, please leave a message. The voicemail is checked regularly.

For more information about our tour operators’ destinations and products see our Media Contacts page.

Corporate and Business Development

André De Montigny
Vice-President, Corporate Development
+1 514 987-1660

Marketing and sponsorships


Air Transat, Nolitours, Transat Holidays
Valérie Martin
Manager, National Marketing
+1 514 987-1616

Click here to find out about the selection criteria and conditions of the Sponsorship program before sending us your sponsorship request.


Transat France

Serge Laurens
Marketing Director
+33 (0)1 45 15 17 36


Canadian Affair
Kathryn Munro
Communications & Marketing Director
+44 141 248 6777


Michel Lemay
Vice-President, Communications and Corporate Affairs and Chief Brand Officer
+1 514 987-1660
Note: this email address has been set up to handle philanthropy requests. Other requests will be forwarded to customer service or ignored.