European Cruises at a glance

  • Time flies on the Mediterranean

    48 Itineraries, 18 ships, 4 ports of embarkation, 5 cruise line partners.

    With our summer cruises in the Mediterranean, you’ll glide through thousands of years of history in a few days.

    You’ll sail from the white-and-blue cliffside houses of Santorini to the terracotta rooftops and medieval walls of Dubrovnik to the serenading gondolas drifting on Venice’s emerald canals. You’ll untangle the legacy of Gaudí at his ornate Sagrada Família in Barcelona before melding into nature’s own masterpiece in Marseille with its white cliffs jutting from indigo waters. You’ll enter a time warp at the ancient Greco-Roman ruins of Ephesus, Turkey, and then a Crayola box of a city at 16th-century Valletta, Malta, with its multicoloured windows and balconies.

    Time travel has never felt so smooth with our Mediterranean cruises from May to October.


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