Useful Tips for Cruises

What should you wear on the ship? How much should you tip? Who will you be dining with? Sail through the answers to all your cruising questions!

On board

  • What to wear

    • Casual attire during the day
    • In the evening, resort casual for outdoor events and informal dining; elegant casual for specialty restaurants and formal nights

  • Dining

    A large variety of dining options are available on most ships to fit your needs:
    • Fixed seating: set dinnertimes in main dining rooms, typically at 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.
    • Open seating: choose when and with whom you want to dine
    • Specialty restaurants: reservations required
    • Casual dining: buffets, restaurants serving snacks, and room service

  • Gratuities

    • On most ships, daily gratuities are automatically charged to your on-board account.
    • Gratuities are included in many Transat cruise packages or offered as an add-on option.

  • Purchases

    • Cruise lines operate on a cashless system, so upon check-in, you’ll need to leave a credit card on file for all on-board purchases.
    • You’ll sign for on-board purchases using your ship ID card or bracelet. These purchases will then be added to your on-board account.
    • The currency on board most ships is US dollars or euros, depending on your itinerary.

  • Communication

    • Stateroom-to-stateroom calls are free.
    • Ship-to-shore calls and WiFi are available for a fee ($).

  • Medical services2

    • All ships have a medical team and clinic facilities available 24 hours a day.

2Check your insurance policies to fully understand the terms of coverage, as most ships require prepayment on board.

  • Smoking

    Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.

  • Alcohol and gambling

    • You must be 21 years or older (unless otherwise indicated) to drink or gamble. Photo ID may be required.
    • Alcohol purchased at ports of call may not be consumed on board and may be stored for safekeeping until the end of the cruise.

  • Laundry services

    • Most cruise lines offer valet laundry services on board.
    • Irons are not permitted due to safety and fire regulations.


  • Master The ship's captain

    Cruise director Person in charge of activities and entertainment

    Gangway Passage to board or disembark the ship

    Muster station Meeting point during a safety drill