Are you travelling in Europe for 13 days or longer and are hesitating between the buyback option and a traditional car rental?

Take the time to read about all the advantages of opting for buyback.
1. Got a model or brand in mind? Take your pick and you’ll drive your choice of car of the year with the following features:
- A new car that’s never been driven
Manual or automatic transmission
Sophisticated interior design
- Engine power that meets your needs
There is no deductible in case of damage or theft so you can enjoy a stress-free vacation.

3. Formalities before departure:
Opting for buyback lets you fill out the necessary documents in the comfort of your own home.
4. No additional fees to pay at the destination for:
- Pick-up at airports or in the centre
- Registration tax
- Additional drivers
- Young drivers under 25
5. Young driver? No problem.
The minimum age is 18 instead of 21.

6. Upon arrival in Europe:
We hand over the keys and off you go! No need to line up at the counter or sign a contract on site.

7. Pick-up and drop-off in two different countries:
Fees are payable before departure and are very reasonable; compare them!

8. Bonus:
Pick-up 15 litres of complimentary fuel

9. Drop-off
With no obligation to return the car on a full tank, there’s no need to stress over looking for a gas station right before your flight.

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