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Useful Information about Car Rentals

Prior to departure


 Price Calculation

All rentals are based on a 24-hour clock 
Example: 4-day rental = pick-up at 9 am on day one, drop-off by 9 am on day five.

 Coverage Programs (Insurance)

Transat strongly recommends the purchase of general car protection coverage offered by your car rental company. Should you decline to purchase protection coverage because you have coverage with another organization, you must know that, in the event of a dispute, your car rental company will deal directly with you because you are the person signing the contract. You will later be responsible for filing any claims with your insurance company. In the case of an accident and/or theft of the vehicle, you are financially responsible for the full value of the car and possibly the loss of revenue to the rental company.

 Good to Know

Age restrictions and regulations may vary from one country to another.

On location
  • On location

    Before Signing the Contract

    When you pick up your vehicle, and before signing and accepting the contract, it is important that you take time to carefully read and understand all the terms indicated in the contract, and/or have them explained to you by a representative of your car rental company.

    Security Deposits and Credit Card

    Expect that a security deposit will be charged to your credit card for the entire duration of your rental contract. To secure rental contracts, rental companies require a credit card in the name of the person who appears on the car voucher.

    Items / Expenses Listed Below Are Your Responsibility

    Gasoline • Drop off charges, if applicable • At destination, any changes or additions to the initial reservation are payable at higher local rates plus applicable local VAT • Traffic fines • Theft of personal belongings from the car • Costs due to repair of windshield, mirrors, windows, flat tires and any damage caused to tires, wheels and chassis.

    Changes on Location

    Your car rental company reserves the right to substitute a vehicle of similar or superior category.


    The car must be returned with a full tank of gas. Service charges will apply if it is not returned full. It is your responsibility to ensure the tank is filled with the correct grade of gas.

    Roadside Assistance

    You may be charged for certain services required on highways or elsewhere, such as in the case of lost car keys, etc. Roadside assistance is not offered in the event of a flat tire, empty gas tank, etc.

    Vehicle Pick-Up and Drop-Off

    You must honour the return date/time of your car, as confirmed on your voucher.

    Be Aware of Additional Fees

    When you drop off the vehicle, be sure to ask for a copy of the bill and check all amounts before leaving the rental office. Pick-up and/or drop fees within the same country are in most case free of charge. International pick-up and drop off fees apply in all cases. Fees are payable on location.


    The use of a restraint system adapted to height and weight is mandatory for children under 10 years of age (approved seats for children under 7 and booster seats for children between the ages of 7 and 10). Please inquire for details.

    Rules of the road

    The rules of the road vary from country to country, and you must respect them. Offenses are punishable by fines, which can be very high.

On the road
  • On the road

     Driver’s Licence

    The driver must have held a driver’s licence for a minimum of 1 to 3 years issued in the country of residence, depending on the car category. The licence must be produced at time of rental. An international driver’s licence is usually mandatory for many European countries. Please inquire at the consulate or embassy of the country you are visiting.


    In the case of damage to the vehicle, a police report must be completed and submitted to the rental company when the car is dropped off.

     Comfort for You and Your Passengers

    Please note that all amounts indicated (passengers, suitcases, etc.) refer to maximum capacities. To evaluate the number of children that may comfortably fit in a vehicle, we have used the approximate height of a 12 to 13-year-old (1.5 m).

     Driving Area Restrictions

    Some car brands such as Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, as well as convertibles, are not allowed to circulate in some European countries, please inquire. Some other restrictions may apply; it is your responsibility to inquire about restrictions and regulations prior to departure. At time of pick-up, you must mention your intentions to drive in other countries. Some countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Czech Republic do request to pay for a vignette. • Other countries may have the same restrictions; please refer to the car rental company and website of the destination you intend to visit.