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Our operations, business units and products

Transat, through its business units is active in five business segments.

  • Outgoing tour operators

    Outgoing tour operators are Transat's core business; their role is to purchase tourism services from thousands of internal and external partners around the world in order to “assemble” products which are subsequently distributed and marketed to consumers in their respective countries. As they obtain these services (hotel stays, airline seats, excursions, car rentals, etc.) in large quantities, our tour operators are able offer an exceptional price/quality ratio. They are multi-talented experts: they know the destinations, are able to attract the best partners and are attuned to travellers' needs.

  • Incoming tour operators and destination services

    Incoming tour operators purchase tourism services in their own countries and package them into products that are subsequently marketed abroad by partners. Some incoming tour operators also play an essential complementary role to that of the outgoing tour operator by providing a range of optional services at destination, such as passenger transfers, tours, sports activities, special visits, etc.

  • Retail distribution

    Retail distribution consists of providing advice to travellers and selling consumer products. This can be done through travel agency networks, websites, call centres or a combination of the three. Transat favours a multi-channel distribution system, which ensures that several distribution strategies work together smoothly. Although Transat has its own networks, its products are also available through a series of third parties.

  • Air transportation

    It is very important for an international tour operator to be able to secure airline seats on good terms and, where possible, have better control over part of this supply and the related costs. When a tour operator has control over a significant part of its air capacity, as is the case with Transat, it is better positioned to develop an appropriate and flexible offering that meets travellers’ requirements.

  • Hotels

    In addition to its strong business relations with thousands of hotels worldwide, Transat has decided to grow its operations in the accommodations industry by prioritizing its key destinations, in order to fully capitalize on its vertical-integration approach and have better control over its products and services.


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