Clarification on flight TS157

Following yesterday’s violent late-afternoon thunderstorms in Montreal, some of our flights from Europe and the South had to be diverted to other airports. Unfortunately, this unusual situation beyond our control caused delays of several hours for our passengers.
Flight TS157, an Airbus A330 from Brussels with 336 passengers on board, had to land in Ottawa instead of Montreal. Nearly 30 planes with several airlines, including Air Transat, were diverted to Ottawa, creating exceptional traffic there. As a result, Ottawa airport staff were unable to provide with loading bridges or stairs that would have enabled the passengers on the Brussels flight to disembark or our ground crews to replenish the aircraft’s empty drinking water reservoir.
The delays that affected our passengers yesterday were caused mainly by congestion on the ramp at Ottawa airport as well as by delays in refuelling our aircraft. The shortage of fuel on TS157 also explains the lack of air conditioning on board for a time.
We sincerely regret the inconveniences for our passengers caused by this situation that was beyond our control.

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