• Sustainable Tourism

    Transat has been increasing its initiatives in sustainable tourism to positively impact local populations and to enrich the experiences of its travellers.

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  • All-inclusive package and Adventure! 

    Get inspired with Travel Basecamp, a reality documentary series developed by Transat, about young adults who use their all-inclusive hotel as a headquarters as they explore their surroundings and answer the call of adventure!

    The series’ intrepid travellers indulge in all the benefits of a fabulous, beachfront resort, then step out into a wonderland of unspoiled countryside and  thriving local culture !

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Packages focused on discoveries

  • House and apartment rentals

    Live like the locals by renting an apartment or a house in your destination city. Whether you’re staying for a week or several months, you’ll feel right at home in a foreign country.

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  • Guided tours

    Discover the many wonders of Cuba, Nicaragua and Costa Rica thanks to our guided tours in the South. Our Guided Tours features all the options that will immerse you into the heart of your destination.

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  • Duo packages

    Explore two destinations in one trip! These packages combine beachfront relaxation with discovery of cultural, historic and natural attractions, offering you the best of both worlds.

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