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What is travel Basecamp ?

Get inspired with Travel Basecamp, a reality documentary series developed by Transat, about young adults who leave their inhibitions at the airport and use their all-inclusive hotel as a headquarters as they explore their surroundings and answer the call of adventure!

The series’ intrepid travellers indulge in all the benefits of a fabulous, beachfront resort complete with glistening pools, swim-up bars and a variety of restaurants, then step out into a wonderland of unspoiled countryside, thriving local culture and an opportunity to meet life head-on!

Get inspired !

Dreaming of a new way to travel? Looking for an authentic and exciting adventure that also lets you enjoy the almost unlimited perks of an all-inclusive resort? Discover the kindness of strangers, participate in extreme sports, have a spiritual experience, join in impromptu beach parties, take the road less travelled, and descend fast-flowing rivers and imposing waterfalls. At night, sleep in a comfy bed. Wake up to a generous buffet-style breakfast. Go for a nice swim in the pool. Catch your breath… and set off on your next adventure!

  • Travel Guide

    The Travel Basecamp travel guide is a free information created for adventurous travellers seeking an authentic experience in their destination. We do all the research and scouting so that you don’t have to! It’s got everything, from tips on packing to the best places for thrills, food or a fun night out.

    Discover our Travel Guide

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