An Air Transat multimedia installation by Moment Factory at the Montréal–Trudeau airport

The airline provides an experience that is unique and inspiring for travellers

Montreal, December 9, 2016 – Transat is proud to unveil a new, permanent multimedia installation, created by Moment Factory and set in the heart of Espace Air Transat, at the Montréal–Trudeau airport. This immersive experience celebrates the anticipation and joy of vacations, allowing travellers to explore the world of Transat via interactive, playful and inspiring content that highlights its many Sun and European destinations.

The innovative, movement-detecting technology helps provide a fun and original experience for travellers. Covering four hundred square feet, the multimedia installation is made up of 20 audiovisual portals of different heights, each of which react to the presence of visitors and invite them on a physical and virtual journey.

Three content capsules allow travellers to discover Air Transat’s featured destinations in an entertaining way. They can soar over a nighttime cityscape or admire the ocean from their window, and see postcards and landmarks of London, Paris and Mexico, for example.

“This unique initiative, which adds a magical and inspirational touch to Espace Air Transat, offers a glimpse of our world of vacations. It aims to make travellers dream and want to discover new destinations with us,” says Annick Guérard, President and General Manager of Transat Tours Canada. “It’s also the product of a vision shared by two Quebec companies: one of Montreal as a city that is open to the world.”

Unveiled last month, the Espace Air Transat area designed to reflect Transat’s image is located in Montréal–Trudeau’s new international terminal. The fruit of an innovative partnership with Aéroports de Montréal, Espace Air Transat welcomes travellers in a lively atmosphere brightened up by the joy of vacations. Transat thus reinforces its position and role as a leader in leisure travel. Air Transat’s South and transatlantic flights will depart from this new terminal where Espace Air Transat is located.

“We are proud to be working with Transat on a state-of-the-art installation reflecting an international trend – that of making airport experiences more enjoyable for travellers by evoking the pleasure, surprise and wonder of destinations,” explains Éric Fournier, partner and Executive Producer of Moment Factory. “As demonstrated by our work at the Los Angeles and Montreal airports, Moment Factory is sought out for its creative expertise by international clients looking to make the visitor experience memorable and inspiring. Our installations capture the attention of a new generation of tech-savvy visitors.”

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