Transat assists communities hit by flooding in Quebec and the rest of Canada

The entire Transat team wishes to express its support for the people affected in one way or another by the flooding that has impacted many communities in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and British Columbia.

In a gesture of solidarity, Transat announces that it will donate $25,000 to the Canadian Red Cross to assist the immediate relief efforts for individuals, families and communities in the areas affected. It is also urging its employees and all Canadians to make a personal donation by visiting the Canadian Red Cross website.

In 2010, Transat organized a major humanitarian aid operation in Haiti following the earthquake in January of that year. It also provided financial assistance to victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013, Hurricane Ida in El Salvador in 2009 and the Southeast Asian tsunami in 2004. And it donated to the Red Cross in 2016 to help people affected by the forest fires in and around Fort McMurray, Alberta.