Transat is taking you on a tour of Europe!

Transat is proud to unveil the many facets of the Old Continent in new special editions entitled Europe for Everyone, featured simultaneously in La Presse+ and Toronto Star Touch. The special editions follow those published last fall, which highlighted the different possibilities provided by the South program.

In the April 3rd edition, Star Touch readers will get to discover or rediscover Transat’s European destinations through the eyes of Canadian bloggers, journalists and expats, who are sharing their travel journals and favourite hangouts with us. From a tour of the UK’s markets to cocktails at the luxury hotel bars of Paris, not to mention the splendours of Croatia – our new destination from Toronto, we’re revealing some of the best-kept secrets of these destinations.

“Europe for Everyone” also presents other ways to explore Europe, such as a Mediterranean cruise or a guided tour of Central Europe – two options making it possible to see several places in one trip.

We’re also letting you in on our experts’ best advice on vacationing with the family and visiting Europe on a budget.

Readers of this special edition will have the chance to play and try to win two tickets to Europe!

With “Europe for Everyone”, there’s something for all tastes. Happy reading!

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