Transat unveils its enhanced website

Montreal, July 12, 2017 — Transat is proud to introduce the new features of its website just as Canadians are beginning to plan their Sun getaway for next winter. With the aim of making the online experience ever more user-friendly and seamless for travellers, the site’s booking section has been enhanced with new functions.

On the improved, travellers now have access to more visual and detailed information on the room they wish to book at their chosen resort, along with a clearer display of flight schedule options. And vacationers who are fond of all kinds of excursions will be pleased to note the even more browser-friendly presentations designed to help them personalize their dream escape.

“More and more consumers are choosing the Web over other ways of shopping for and booking their holidays,” says Bruno Leclaire, Vice-President, E-Commerce, and Chief Digital Officer, Transat Tours Canada. “Transat is constantly improving its platforms’ features with the goal of strengthening its role as a key partner in online holiday planning,” he adds.