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    Transat have been helping couples achieve their dream destinations weddings for more than 25 years. Say “I do” surrounded by the people that matter the most to you – your family and friends. We offer a range of selected resorts that could turn your dream wedding into a week-long celebration!

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Wedding at home vs Wedding away.
  Wedding at home Wedding away
 Cost Average cost: $25,000  Average cost: less than $5,000
 Timing Seasonal to capture the best weather  Any time: tropical weather is always on  the menu
 Venue Ceremony, photos and celebration at different locations, indoors  Everything takes place at one location,  outdoor & exotic
 Duration One-day celebration  Week-long celebration
 Guest List High number of guests, including acquaintances and distant relatives  Small group of guests: close friends and  family
 Planning Very stressful and time-consuming  Resort wedding coordinators manage all  the details
 Honeymoon Additional planning and savings required  Begins upon your arrival