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Panama: a tropical vacation to remember

Every traveller dreams of sailing through the Panama Canal, wearing a hat of the same name and emulating Pierce Brosnan’s squint in The Tailor of Panama. But this much-storied country also boasts diverse wildlife, delightful weather, impressive landscapes, dazzling beaches and a rich cultural and historic past—making Panama the ideal hub for vacations and tourism down south.

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A spectacularly diverse country that separates oceans and continents while joining them with its famous canal, Panama attracts tourism with its outstanding resorts, sophistication, hotels and vacation packages. Grab a guidebook and travel to this must-see destination.

Discover Panama

Panamanian beaches leave nothing to be desired! With hundreds of kilometres of coastline on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, you can choose a different vibe every day. Travel to Santa Clara or Farallón for a quiet day at the beach, or head to the Panama Islands for great swimming. The turquoise waters at the Las Perlas Archipelago are a must.
Tocumen International Airport has a great selection of duty-free shops, but Panama City, Panama’s capital, also has a variety of modern shopping centres to delight the seasoned shopper. If you’re looking to sample local fruits and vegetables, or buy artisanal goods, a visit to the mercado is in order. The Mercado de Mariscos (seafood market) and Mercado Publico are notable attractions.
Panama Canal and Nature
The Panama Canal is one of the world’s greatest natural (and engineering) marvels. Outdoor enthusiasts can also delight in Panama’s diverse tropical flora and fauna, which includes anteaters, bats, armadillos, tapirs and other uncommon creatures.
This country loves to dance! In Panama City, especially around the Amador Causeway, you can find many bars and restaurants buzzing with music and dancing. Gambling is legal in Panama, making the casino a popular attraction. Since Panama is located between two continents, it has an interesting gastronomy built around tropical fruit and local herbs. Many dishes, such as bollos and torrejitas de maiz, are corn based.

Panamá Your Way

Book a hotel in Casco Viejo, Panama City’s colonial quarter and tourism hotspot, and delight in its whimsical restoration. A guide can give you a tour of the UNESCO Heritage Site, where local artists have painted curvaceous dancing ladies on all of the scaffolding. Be sure your vacation package includes a tour of Isla Bastimentos, where you can cling to each other in the spooky Nivida Cave, a massive river cavern swarming with fruit bats. Trade up the pool at your resort hotel for an eerie dip in the swimmable subterranean lake inside… if you dare.
Family playgrounds
See Panama’s capybaras, crocodiles and sloths on a half-day Jungle Adventure Cruise. Experience the fun of Monkey Island, as well as the thrill of sidling up alongside massive tankers crossing the canal. Travel the Chagres River in a dugout canoe on a private guided tour to the Embera Villages. Panama vacation packages include learning about the native culture, getting a temporary jagua-stain tattoo and picking up some vacation souvenir handicrafts. A favourite for the kids? Slingshots!
Travelling with friends
No vacation in this country is complete without a visit to the century-old engineering masterpiece that is the Panama Canal. The Miraflores Locks offer a good view from land, or travel the canal by boat with a tour guide to experience the works from the water. Everyone in your group can surf at Bocas del Toro, a Pacific Coast vacation destination with everything from beginner-friendly waves to 20-foot titans. Bonus: the crystal-clear water allows you to see the reef underneath as you race over it. 

Looking for travel inspiration? Watch these videos as our globe-trotting Air Transat employees take you around the world to share their must-dos, must-eats, must-sees... and mustn’t-tell secret spots.

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Causaway - Panama City

Biking the Causeway in Panama City

Amador Causeway is the best place to see the Panama City skyline while enjoying a cool breeze (it’s a rare commodity).

Casco Viejo

Time Travelling in Colonial Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo is one of Panama City’s best food areas. From chocolate shops to great drinks, the colonial quarter has it all.

Anton Valley

A Walk on Panama's Wild Side

Daytrip to Anton Valley: hike, waterfall and fresh water lagoon.


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Top Excursions in Panama

An excursion is the best way to explore a country and infuse a little excitement into your vacation! At Transat, we offer options for all tastes in each of our destinations. Whether you enjoy spa treatments, water sports, hiking, boat tours and museums, Transat can help you make the most of your vacation with our selection of excursions.
  • Aerial Tram & Gatun Expedition

    We will discover the Gamboa Rainforest. You will take an aerial tram to get to the top of the hill and then walk up a ramp to a platform 100 feet's. You will see butterflies, orchids and frogs. After the meal you will enjoy a boat ride on the lake Gatun where we will be looking for the monkeys.

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  • City tour & canal

    This tour takes us to see the Miraflores Locks, where we can admire the operation of the Canal and the passage of ships (subject to the Panama Canal Authority's transit schedule. We visit the colonial city - or Casco Viejo, designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO with attractions such as the Golden Altar, the Plaza de Francia, and Las Bóvedas. A panoramic visit to the ruins of Panamá La Vieja - now a historical monument to a time gone-by and also designated World Heritage Site - the original settlement that was destroyed in 1671 by the infamous pirate Sir Henry Morgan. Appreciate the panorama of the modern city of Panama and the Balboa Boulevard, where the statue of Vasco Núñez de Balboa, the discoverer of the South Sea is situated. An impression upon departing will make the panoramic tour on the Amador Causeway from where you have a magnificent view.

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