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Visit England: tourism in London and beyond

When it comes to tourism and travel, England is a favourite for many reasons. In fact, Britain is packed with prehistoric sites, majestic castles, world-renowned museums, legendary musical venues and more pubs than you can count!

Looking for travel inspiration? Watch these videos as our globe-trotting Air Transat employees take you around the world to share their must-dos, must-eats, must-sees... and mustn’t-tell secret spots.

Flying to England... Get inspired by our videos!

Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road Flower Market

Spend a Sunday in London shopping, eating and soaking in the atmosphere at the Columbia Road Flower Market.

London's Oldest Wine Bar

Gordon's wine bar

Step into the underground and back in time for a drink at Gordon’s, London’s oldest wine bar.

Royal tour in London

Royal Tour of London

As the royal wedding proved, the world is still dazzled by the monarchy. Relive the magic with a guided tour of royal London!

World's Oldest Barbershop

The World's Oldest Barbershop

Getting an old-school shave in the “Oldest Barbershop in the World” is a luxurious London experience.


England Destinations

England Your Way

On holiday with your sweetheart? London welcomes you with romantic restaurants, countless museums and impressive monuments, including the Tower of London, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. When heading north, don’t miss the historic city of York. Meanwhile, in the south, Southampton has many charming bed and breakfasts that provide the perfect backdrop to your romantic country getaway.
Family playgrounds
London is a great destination for families thanks to its wide variety of activities. When in London, take a stroll through Hyde Park, tour the British Museum and be sure not to miss Hamley’s, an extraordinary toy store that all kids adore! Young and old also get a kick out of riding the underground tube and hopping on and off double-decker buses. In Manchester, children of all ages can tour the Imperial War Museum. And if you’re travelling south, the quaint beach towns along the English Channel are built for family fun.
Travelling with friends
While London is known for its trendy bars and pubs, Manchester, in northern England, has its own happening nightlife. Take your pick from a variety of bars, traditional pubs and entertainment venues for a fun evening out. Brighton, to the south, also attracts many locals and tourists with its cool music scene. Wherever you are, England has nightspots for everyone’s taste.

Experience Transat Blog

  • Go on a Gin Tour of London and Beyond

    By PARM PARMAR / 01 July 2016
    There is nothing more quintessentially British than a good “gin & tonic.” Gin tours and distilleries are popping up all over Britain, supplying the marketplace with new, trendy bottles and flavours. The City of London has a rich history in distilling gin. Throughout the 18th century, a gin shop or distillery was found on every corner. These shops took full advantage of the spices and citrus fruits coming into the port of London.

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  • A Sherlock Holmes Tour of London

    By DIAN EMERY / 20 May 2016
    All of a sudden, everyone loves Sherlock Holmes. Benedict Cumberbatch plays him brilliantly on TV, and Robert Downey Jr. makes Sherlock downright sexy in the Guy Ritchie movie adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s most popular mystery novel. With all of these recent movies and TV series about the popular detective, a Sherlock Holmes tour of London is a must for any Sherlock fan visiting the city. Much of the filming for the Sherlock movies and TV series has been done on location in London, so there are tons of new Sherlock sights to visit throughout the city, but there are only a handful of key spots that can’t be missed on any self-guided Sherlock Holmes London tour.

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  • On the Beaten Path: A Cotswolds Walking Tour near Birmingham

    By DREW GOUGH / 14 July 2015
    From back garden to back garden, through farms and fields, the footpaths connect some of England’s prettiest towns. The trails are more-or-less marked at gates and fences, with an arrow pointing off toward the next gate or fence, but generally you just follow the trodden grass or the packed dirt through beautiful countryside reminiscent of a Romantic ode. The U.K. is crisscrossed with a latticework of public walking paths that have existed for hundreds (sometimes thousands) of years, and then entered into the protection of the crown in the 19th century. To call the resulting paths quaint would be an understatement: the trail from Chadlington to Charlbury, part of our self-guided Cotswolds walking tour, begins in someone’s backyard, with a hand-painted sign saying “We have cats, so please keep your dogs on a lead.”

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