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Colombia: a unique travel experience

Check out Latin nightlife, Caribbean beaches, archaeological ruins and much more on an adventure-crammed tour.

Discover Colombia

Explore Colombia’s Caribbean coast—land of lost cities, virgin rainforest, deserted islands and colonial grandeur—and discover why this slice of Latin American paradise is becoming one of the continent’s most frequented tourism destinations.
  • Hit the Road from Cartagena

    Considered one of the best treks in South America, the five-day hike from Santa Marta or Taganga to Ciudad Perdida to see the ruins of a once vibrant ancient city is a must if you’re in any way an intrepid traveller or want to feel like Indiana Jones. If it’s a serious road trip you seek, head down to Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia’s second-tallest volcano (5,300 metres above sea level). It’s a ways from Cartagena, but it’ll take your breath away whether you’re looking in it or from it.

Colombia Destinations

Colombia the Transat Way

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Due to a change in the entrance conditions for Colombia, we must inform you that as of November 1, 2023, Canadian citizens will have to pay an entry fee of $85 CAD per person. This fee must be paid to the Colombian authorities upon arrival in Colombia and may be paid by credit card.

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