Morocco vacations

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Morocco: A country of captivating cultural diversity

Morocco captivates with its mountains, deserts, medinas, spicy cuisine, colorful craftsmanship, vibrant traditions, and rich history. A unique blend to awaken the senses of travelers seeking new experiences.

Discover Morocco

To explore the history and culture of the country, there's nothing better than wandering through the labyrinthine medinas in Marrakesh, Fes, or Chefchaouen, haggling in the souks, or visiting royal palaces.
For a change of scenery, venture into the Sahara Desert on a camel's back or go hiking in the High Atlas, where you can climb Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa, and gaze upon the world at your feet.
  • Marrakesh

    Marrakesh, considered a key cultural and economic center of Morocco, is also classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its significant cultural and historical importance.
    Its medina, the historic heart of the city, houses monuments, palaces, gardens, and traditional souks, serving as an exceptionally well-preserved example of Islamic medieval urban planning with its numerous unique architectural and cultural elements.

Transat offers you:

  • Accomodation in a Riad

    A riad is a traditional Moroccan house with an interior courtyard or central garden.

    Staying in a riad can offer much more than just accommodation. It can be an immersive and transformative experience, allowing you to discover and appreciate the cultural richness of Morocco in a unique way.

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