Destination Wedding packages in the South


  • Newly engaged? Congratulations! From the moment you said yes, you’ve been painting the perfect destination wedding ceremony in your mind…

    Dabs of sunlight on a turquoise sea. A majestic arch adorned with exotic flowers, standing on ivory sands. Your sweetheart at the end of the aisle, all smiles. What could be more romantic than a tropical background for tying the knot down South?

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The art of seaside ceremonies

  • Say “I do”—or renew your vows—as palm fronds sway in the breeze, and start your dream honeymoon in the same picturesque setting. Curl up on the beach for golden sunsets. Swim amid brightly coloured schools of fish. Or plunge into the heart of the verdant jungle for some adventure.

    At Transat, we’ve partnered with some of the South’s most breathtaking hotels to offer you the destination wedding of your dreams while also protecting the natural splendour that attracted you there in the first place.

    So… Time to start packing. Wedding dress? Check. Something borrowed, something blue and something old? Check. Now let us be your something new, and we’ll help make your nuptials a work of art.


Weddings at home vs Destination weddings

Will you go local or tropical for your wedding?  A destination wedding is actually an easy option. You get an all-in-one package tailored to your needs. And once you’re at destination, you can leave the nitty-gritty to the hotel wedding coordinator while you savour every moment of your big day.
Here are more good reasons to say yes to a destination wedding.

Weddings at home   Destination weddings
Average cost$25,000 Cost Average cost$8,000
Seasonal Timing Any time of the year
Typically indoors Setting Exotic, outdoor location
One-day celebration Duration Week-long celebration
Higher number of guests,
including acquaintances and distant relatives
Guest list Smaller group of guests,
which tends to include close friends and family
Stressful and time-consuming Planning Wedding coordinators manage all the details
Additional planning and savings required Honeymoon Begins after the ceremony

Celebrate your love with us

  • Renewing wedding vows

    Was your wedding a blur of chiffon, champagne and photo ops? Do it differently this time, and savour every moment at island pace. Do you wish your first ceremony was a tad cozier? Make your wish a reality with a more intimate wedding under the warm glow of the Caribbean sun. Is your wedding anniversary coming up? Celebrate it in style with a seaside idyll.

    There are plenty of reasons for saying “I do”—again—in the South, where nature has already carved out luxuriant settings for your storybook romance. And once you retie the knot on ivory sands, in a lush garden or on a cliff overlooking the ocean, you’ll want to do it over and over again. You know, for love.

  • Your dream honeymoon

    After the big day comes the sizzling honeymoon. With so many destinations to choose from in Europe, the South and United States, where will you kick off happily ever after?

    Romantics, fall in love with Cuba’s white-sand beaches, the Greek islands’ mythical beauty or France’s endless charm. Foodies, savour la dolce vita in Italy or sip a delicious port wine— in Porto. More the adventurous sort? Uncover the secrets of the Mayan ruins in Mexico or explore the castles of Ireland.

    Perhaps basking in the sun is more your pace. If so, wait until you see the honeymoon packages. No matter where you honeymoon, wedded bliss is sure to follow.

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Recommended by our experts: Best destination wedding resorts  

We love weddings in the South!

We’ve hand-picked the top wedding resorts with the most unique ceremony settings, the best gourmet menus, the most intimate ambience, and the hottest honeymoon packages. No matter which resort you choose, you’re in for a whole lot of romance and a storybook wedding!

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  • weddingbells

    We’ve teamed up with Weddingbells to offer you even more tips and ideas for your destination wedding.

  • Destination Weddings

    Seven tips for planning the ultimate destination celebration.

    By Nicole Greenberg, weddingbells
    Photos: A Brit and a Blonde

  • DO

    Pick a dress that withstands the heat

    Your dream satin dress is a showstopper, but wear it under the Mexican sun and you’re sure to melt. Choose a climate friendly gown in a lightweight fabric like chiffon, georgette or silk organza.

    Pick a location that's easily accessible

    You have always dreamed of tying the knot on a mountaintop, but it’s a climb and many of your guests might not be up for the journey. If your heart is set on a hard-to-reach locale, arrange transportation for guests to and from your venue.

    Show your gratitude

    Your guests are coming a long way to celebrate with you, so acknowledge their efforts by adding a heartfelt welcome note to their room. On the day of, tell each guest just how much their presence means to you.

    Consider hiring a local wedding planner

    Planning a destination wedding is a major undertaking, so having a local wedding planner on board is a stress reliever. They’ll not only help with personalization, but will have insider information on the best vendors in the area. Most hotels offer the service of a wedding coordinator on site.

  • DON'T

    Skip the SPF

    Getting married under the sun’s glowing rays puts you at risk for burning, and that is something nobody wants on their wedding day (or honeymoon!). Be sure to pack and wear sunscreen on your wedding day (pack a spray formula so you can easily reapply) and be a thoughtful host and have SPF on hand for your guests too.

    Skimp on the research

    While it’s easy to get swept up in the romance of having your wedding in paradise, overlooking the hard facts could result in disaster. Check everything from your destination’s exchange rate to its marriage requirements before putting down a deposit.

    Forget to live in the moment!

    Wherever you and your partner choose to get married, remember you’re celebrating your love for one another, and this is what your wedding is all about! Let go of your worries so you can fully appreciate every second of your day and your chosen destination!