Uniting our differences

Unir nos différences

By fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion, we let our people shine and leave a lasting impression in the heart of everyone we bring together through travel.

At Transat, we believe that our success depends on the diversity of our workforce, which is a reflection of our customers, our partners, and the communities in which we operate. The strength of our teams lies in their diverse viewpoints, experiences and perspectives. This richness allows us to carry out our activities to the best of our abilities.

We harness the power of this diversity to foster an inclusive work environment that empowers our people to truly be and act in accordance with their authentic selves. We believe this is the path to excellence and to an open, caring and fun workplace; in accordance with the values that drive us.

Our commitment

Our efforts are focused on creating a culture where everyone can offer the best version of themselves. In support of this ambition, we have developed targeted Commitments that are also aligned with our Corporate responsibility strategy:

  • Attract and embrace the differences within our teams by uniting people from all backgrounds and perspectives.

  • Ensure all the conditions are in place so that everyone, regardless of their differences or similarities, have equal access to opportunities and resources.

  • Create a culture where everyone feels welcomed, respected and valued, allowing them to develop a strong sense of belonging and to unleash their full potential.

Our journey is an ongoing quest as we believe that committing to diversity, equity and inclusion means being unrelenting and responsible in our actions to bring about lasting change.

The rich diversity of our teams has created a unique identity I’m very proud of. Thanks to them, we can better understand the needs of our customers and partners, while enriching our connection with our markets and the communities we serve. Giving free rein to our most talented employees to come up with ideas means we can offer an inclusive and human experience where everyone can fully contribute. Doing so will also give us the means to lead an organization that is making strides and raising the bar.

Annick Guérard
President and CEO