Day 1: Leonidas Monument in Thermopylae, Kalambaka, the perched monasteries of Meteora. Overnight in Kalambaka.
Day 2: Visit Delphi known as the omphalos (Navel of Earth), Mount Parnassus with the ruins of the Sanctuary of Apollo, the Treasury of the Athenians, the Temple of Apollo, and see the ancient Greek sculpture masterpieces of the museum. Overnight in Delphi.
Day 3: Travel along the Gulf of Corinth to Olympia, the cradle of the Olympic Games and visit the Archaeological Site, the Sanctuary of Olympian Zeus, the Ancient Stadium, and the Archaeological Museum. Overnight in Olympia.
Day 4: Cross the Arcadian Mountains on your way to Mycenae where you will see the Lion’s Gate, the Cyclopean Walls and the Royal Tombs, before arriving in Nafplio, a picturesque town crowned by the ramparts of the Palamidi Fortress. Overnight in Nafplio.
Day 5: Visit of the Theatre of Epidaurus, famous for its acoustics and then return to Athens by the coastal road along the Saronic Gulf to the Corinth Canal where you will make a quick stop.

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