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Adventure and nature vacations

For you, nature is a playground. Cliffs are great for hiking and for telling legends. Jungles are just as beautiful when you soar above them as when you simply get lost in them. You like swimming in lakes, especially if they hide mythical creatures (yes, you, Loch Ness Monster). And if you’ve already stopped reading this because you’re off paragliding in the jungles somewhere, then that confirms it: you are an adventure and nature lover.

Read on to find out where you can hike it, dive off it or plunge into it in the South, Europe and Canada.

How do you like your adventure and nature vacation?

Backpacking solo or straying off the beaten path with a guide? Browse through all the different ways you can taste adventure and nature in our destinations in the South, Europe and Canada.

Duo packages: one trip, two destinations

Why choose between nature and culture? Our Duo packages give you the best of both worlds.

What would you like to do at destination?

Looking to spend most of your time under water or on land? Choose your favourite activity for your adventurous vacation and jump in

  • Travel green

    You don’t have to sleep in a tree house in the jungle to help save the planet. How can you play in nature while travelling responsibly? We have some simple tips and certified eco-friendly hotel partners in the South.

    Find them here

Multi-city packages in Europe

Is your heart torn between several destinations? With our multi-city packages, explore them all!

  • Wonders of Croatia

    Package inclusions

    Flights 14 Nights 14 Meals Transfers* Bus Ferry Dom. Flight

    From its medieval Upper Town to its lively Lower Town, Zagreb abounds with treasures that are sure to captivate you. More details >

    Flights    Zagreb   

    *Restrictions apply.


    Wonders of Croatia

Looking for more multi-city packages that blend nature with adventure? Discover them on the web page of your South or Europe destination.

  • Tips from our vacation experts

    What makes Transat employees vacation experts? Follow webmaster Ariann to Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit as he shows us the best spots to surf, dive and hike through tropical forest.

    Join Ariann’s adventures

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