Rêvatours 2009-2010: A Season of Renewal

New vacation options, a range of improved products and exclusive tours from GAP Adventures and Trafalgar
Montreal, October 19, 2009

Rêvatours launches its 2009-2010 season with new vacation options, a wide range of improved and attractive products, along with exclusive new products from GAP Adventures, a leader in adventure tours, and Trafalgar, the European Coach Tour specialist.  Rêvatours’ 2009-2010 season is certain to please all travellers, from the most traditional to the most adventurous.

“This year, we paid special attention to our tour and package selection to better meet client needs and attract a new clientele. By partnering with GAP Adventures, we have enhanced our offer with eight new exclusive adventure tours in French. The tours enable small groups of travellers to connect with local cultures and nature,” commented, Renée Boisvert, General Director of Rêvatours.

“Rêvatours offers its clients the personalized approach of a small tour operator with all the advantages of a major company. The end result is that the tour operator can offer a variety of travel options to suit all tastes,” said Nelson Gentiletti, Executive Vice-President, Tour Operators of Transat. “We are also conscious of the importance GAP Adventures places on conserving cultural heritage and protecting the natural environment, as these are at the heart of the its program. This is a vision which we share at Transat,” added Mr. Gentiletti. “For nearly three years, Transat has been firmly committed to sustainable tourism.  We have developed a program that provides financial support to sustainable tourism programs at destination and have supported various initiatives that contribute to local development.”

In addition to GAP Adventures, Rêvatours is also the exclusive distributor of Trafalgar, the European coach tour specialist. The Circuits Trafalgar 2010 brochure showcases some 26 three and four-star coach tours in 25 European countries. This is one of its most competitive and complete programs to date.

Rêvatours has also improved its annual brochure and à la carte program to help travel agents and clients better plan their vacations. Guaranteed prices along with substantial discounts for early bookings and cash payments contribute to the program’s appeal. Rêvatours is planning to solidify its presence among agencies with enhanced training, FAMtrips and online training.

About Rêvatours
Rêvatours offers Quebec vacationers tours in some 30 destinations in Africa, America, Asia and Europe. The company has helped thousands of people realize their travel dreams every year since its inception in 1986. Rêvatours is a subsidiary of Transat A.T. Inc., an integrated international tour operator with more than 60 destination countries and that distributes products in over 50 countries.

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