Air Transat wins the prestigious Business Evolution Award for the excellence of its supply chain management

Montreal, November 20, 2008

Air Transat received the Business Evolution Award, a prize awarded every year by Aberdeen Group, an American consulting firm that rewards companies for exceptional quality in the management of their supply chain. The prize was awarded in San Francisco during the Chief Procurement Officer’s Summit.

The Air Transat supply team, directed by Mr. Gordon Greene, Vice-president, Strategic Procurement, employs 26 people. The team has clearly demonstrated its skill in managing information in situations involving multiple players both internally and externally, and has shown its contribution to the company’s growth. Air Transat, which works with nearly 350 suppliers in more than 60 countries, set itself apart with superior performance in the areas of cost reduction, contract compliance, and the use of cost analysis processes. “We are very proud to have received this prize, especially since we know that Aberdeen Group is a leader in the realm of research, having analyzed some 30,000 businesses over the last two years,” said Allen B. Graham, President and CEO of Air Transat.

Air Transat was chosen as the winner of the Business Evolution Award based on research carried out by the Aberdeen Group over the past 12 months.

This prize is the latest addition to a growing collection. In recent years Air Transat’s procurement department has received two other world-class recognitions: the World's Best Overall Regional Airlines Fuel Department prize awarded by the Armbrust Aviation Group in 2000 and a nomination from the Institute of Design Montréal in 2005 for the design and construction of our Dorval facilities.

About Air Transat
Air Transat is Canada’s leading holiday travel airline. It carries around 3 million passengers annually to nearly 60 destinations in 25 countries. Air Transat has a fleet of 18 Airbus A330s and A310s. The company employs approximately 2,000 people. Air Transat is a subsidiary of Transat A.T. Inc., an integrated international tour operator with more than 60 destination countries and that distributes products in over 50 countries.

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