Air Transat receives excellence award from manufacturer Airbus

Airline recognized for excellent management of its fleet of A310s
Montreal, November 12, 2009

Air Transat, Canada’s leading holiday travel airline, has won the Airbus “A300/A310 Family Operational Excellence Award” for the quality of its management of its fleet of 13 A310s. The award was presented during the A310 Family Technical Symposium held this week in Bangkok, which brought together operators of this family of aircraft worldwide.

The selection criteria for the awards are based on operational data collected from April 2008 to April 2009, and take into account the number of active aircraft in the fleet, their average daily utilization rate, technical reliability and the number and duration of flight delays caused by technical reasons.

“This is an important award for us as a carrier, but also for our customers, who can rely on a fleet of safe, reliable aircraft,” says Air Transat President and Chief Executive Officer Allen B. Graham. He adds: “This recognition is the result of teamwork by all members of the Air Transat family and it confirms the efforts and the quality of the work done by all of our employees.”

Also in the safety domain, Air Transat obtained IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) registration in February 2008. This certification comprises more than 900 stringent standards that contribute to airline operational safety in the areas of management, flight operations, operational control, aircraft maintenance, cabin operations, ground handling, cargo operations and operational security.

About Air Transat
Air Transat is Canada’s leading holiday travel airline. It carries some 3 million passengers annually to nearly 60 destinations in 25 countries. Air Transat has a fleet of 18 Airbus A330s and A310s. The company employs approximately 2,000 people. Air Transat is a subsidiary of Transat A.T. Inc., an integrated international tour operator with more than 60 destination countries and that distributes products in over 50 countries.