Portugal by Transat Holidays

Montreal, March 28, 2011

Last November, Transat Holidays launched its Europe collection 2011-2012. Today, the tour operator would like to focus on its products in Portugal.

With its long beaches stretching along the coast, delicious gastronomy, exquisite wines, historic quarters and medieval castles, Portugal holds the promise of an unforgettable European vacation.

Transat Holidays is proud to introduce several new travel options to its Portugal program. This year, the tour operator offers two Coach Tours that provide a great overview of the country. Vacationers can also opt for City Packages in Lisbon or Seaside Packages in Estoril and Cascais. The Porto & More package, Picturesque Porto, which offers a 7-night stay in Porto and tours of Porto, Douro and Minho, is the perfect way to explore this renowned wine-producing region. Beach lovers will, without a doubt, be tempted by the Seaside Packages in the Algarve. Travellers can also take advantage of a wide selection of à la carte accommodation on the mainland and in the Azores.

From Toronto, Air Transat offers four weekly direct flights to Lisbon, two weekly direct flights to Porto and weekly direct flights to Faro, Terceira and Ponta Delgada.

About Transat Holidays

Year-round, Transat Holidays provides its customers across Canada with a full range of holiday products. It offers sun vacations, with a choice of more than 140 hotels, mainly in the Caribbean, Mexico and Florida, along with an impressive array of flights, packages and tours to some 30 European destinations. Transat Holidays also offers more than 100 cruises all around the world.

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