Appointments in Transat management team

Montréal, November 23, 2011

Transat A.T. Inc., one of the largest integrated tourism companies in the world and Canada's holiday travel leader, announces the following appointments in the wake of organizational changes at its Transat Tours Canada (TTC) subsidiary.

Two distinct divisions are created at Transat Tours Canada: South Market and Europe Market. The South Market division will be led by Annick Guérard, who becomes Vice-President, South Market. Mrs. Guérard was previously Vice-President, Marketing and Web Commercialization. Andrée Gervais is appointed Vice-President, Europe Market. Until this appointment, she was Vice-President, Transport and Yield Management. Both Ms. Guérard and Ms. Gervais will report to Mr. Allen B. Graham, President of Transat Canada.

Reporting to Mrs. Guérard, Renée Boisvert is named Vice-President, South Products, after having served as General Manager, Transat Discoveries/Transat Découvertes and Merika Tours.

For the Europe Market division, Denis Codère, currently Vice-President, Sales, and Commercialization and Development, Europe, retains his current responsibilities and will also oversee Air Consultants Europe (ACE). He will report to Mrs. Gervais.

Joseph Adamo, Senior director, Marketing, is appointed Vice-President, Marketing, Transat Tours Canada, and will report to Mr. Graham.

Daniel Godbout is appointed Vice-President, Transport and Yield Management, Transat. He will be responsible for managing Transat airlift, flight schedules and yield management, including negotiations with our outside carriers. He will work closely with Canada, United Kingdom, France and Mexico. He will also be responsible for contracting out our wide-body jets, as the company continues to strategically develop its fleet.

Anna Malito becomes Vice-President, Strategy & Development — Product. In her new functions, Ms. Malito will work closely with André De Montigny, President of Transat International, on developing hotel operations and negotiating with hoteliers. She previously served as Vice-President, Products and Development, with TTC.

Susie Deveault takes over leadership of Transat Discoveries/Transat Découvertes (formerly Rêvatours in Quebec) and Merika Tours, as General Manager. She was previously National Director of Customer Care Centres.

Godbout, Malito and Deveault will report to Transat President and CEO Jean-Marc Eustache.

Also at Transat, Ronny Bernatchez is appointed Vice-President, Human Resources, for Transat Canada. He served previously as Vice-President, Human Resources, for TTC. He will report to Jean-François Lemay, Vice-President, Human Resources and Talent Management, Transat.

Transat Canada comprises the business units Air Transat, Handlex, Transat Distribution Canada, Transat Tours Canada, Air Consultants Europe, Canadian Affair and Transat Holidays USA.

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