Transat Holidays Call Centre Makes the Top 10

Montreal, March 27, 2012

Transat Holidays is pleased to announce that its call centre has been ranked in the top 10 out of 300 others that entered Benchmark Portal’s 2012 Top 100 Call Centres Eligible for Industry Recognition contest. 

Winners were chosen based on the comparison and ranking of key performance indicators. Call centres were benchmarked against industry peers and compared to other centres of a similar size.

The following selection criteria were used to rank call centres:

  • Number of inbound calls per year made to the call centre
  • Number of agents employed by the call centre
  • Compensation method for agents
  • Average inbound performance time-based metrics (over the past 12 consecutive months)
  • Average answer speed
  • Average talk time (including hold time)
  • Average after-call work time
  • Average caller hold time while on the phone with an agent
  • Average number of calls handled per hour
  • Average inbound performance percentage-based metrics (over the past 12 consecutive months)
  • Average percentage of dropped calls
  • Agent percentage of occupancy
  • Average percentage of transferred calls
  • Annual turnover percentage of full-time agents
  • Primary method used to obtain caller’s satisfaction and feedback regarding their experience

“Customer service excellence has always been a priority and major focus at our call centres. I would like to thank the Transat call centre agents who have gone above and beyond with their professionalism, quality assurance and commitment,” stated Denise Heffron, Vice-President, National Sales & Commercial, Transat Tours Canada.

About Transat Holidays

Year-round, Transat Holidays provides its customers across Canada with a full range of holiday products. It offers sun vacations, with a choice of more than 140 hotels, mainly in the Caribbean, Mexico and Florida, along with an impressive array of flights, packages and tours to some 30 European destinations. Transat Holidays also offers more than 100 cruises all around the world.