Nolitours Highlights Exclusive Partnership with Decameron Hotels

Montreal, October 8, 2013 – Nolitours has been the exclusive provider of Decameron hotels for Canadians since 1989, featuring 17 hotels in seven destinations found mainly in Central and South America.

This exclusive partnership allows Nolitours to be present in Cartagena and San Andres in Columbia as well as Panama and El Salvador, much to the delight of Canadian travellers. Sun and sand combine with discovery and authenticity for an enhanced vacation offering access to colonial towns, stunning national parks bearing tropical forests and dormant volcanoes, Mayan culture, surfing, and more.

In addition, Decameron has a very high reputation among Canadians. According to Transat/Ipsos-Reid’s survey, this chain boasts the best loyalty rating in Canada, with 73% of participants having stayed at a Decameron hotel at least twice.* Vacationers return year after year for the excellent service and great value.

Decameron is also present in Jamaica, and in Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos, Mexico. The new Royal Decameron Los Cabos was recently added to the Nolitours program for Hamilton, Ontario.

“We’re proud to be the exclusive supplier of Decameron hotels in Canada. Our Central and South American destinations are definite musts, and we have no doubt that Canadians choosing a Decameron resort will appreciate the excellent value,” concludes Annick Guérard, General Manager, Transat Tours Canada.

*Ipsos-Reid Survey – South Trip Profile, June 2013

About Nolitours

Nolitours offers its customers across Canada a wide variety of competitively priced holiday packages available year-round, for sun destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central and South America.

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