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Montreal, March 21, 2016 — Transat is proud to reveal its latest campaign presenting her transatlantic offer under the signatures “Europe for Everyone” and “Canada for everyone”.

The campaign, which caters to both Europeans looking to visit Canada and Canadians wishing to fly to Europe, brings back imagery and devices from the previous two Transat campaigns, and features travellers sharing their travel memories with simplicity and humour.

Broadcast on TV and on the web on the Canadian market, the campaign lives up to its “Europe for everyone” promise by taking us on short incursions to Portugal and Italy, just two of the 28 European destinations served by Air Transat from Canada. In Europe, meanwhile, Air Transat shares memories of Western Canada, offering “Canada for everyone” to Internet users who want to discover the adventures of their compatriots out there.

“The quality of experience is at the heart of our brand promise,” says Genevieve LeBrun, Vice President of Marketing at Transat Tours Canada. “This platform allows us to present the memories and new experiences of travellers, while maintaining market consistency. The sharing of an experience often triggers a desire to travel.”

The campaign will take place over several weeks leading into the summer, and will also be available in print and as web banners in support of promotional offers.

Italy and Portugal campaign videos are also available on Transat’s YouTube channel.

About Transat Tours Canada

A specialist in holiday travel to every continent, Transat Tours Canada develops and commercializes a vast array of products, from beach vacations to guided tours to cruises, under the Transat, Air Transat, Nolitours and TMR Holidays brands. Transat Tours Canada is a business unit of Transat A.T. Inc., one of the largest integrated tourism companies in the world.

Caroline Gagnon, Public Relations and Marketing Advisor, Transat Tours Canada - 514 987-1616, ext. 7020

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