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Faro: Portugal’s little-known paradise by the sea

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Portugal’s Faro has a history of being hard done by. Sacked by the Earl of Essex in 1596 and then levelled by an earthquake in 1755, it’s no wonder the modern city has relatively few historic buildings. Those that remain, however, are stunning and well worth seeing.

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Year-round sunshine, idyllic beaches, fresh seafood and a laid-back atmosphere make Faro and the Algarve an ideal hideaway in any season. Admire rock formations jutting from the sea, explore hidden grottoes by boat, laze on golden sands and watch surfers ride the wild waves of the Atlantic… or better yet, join them!

Faro Your Way

Take a guided boat tour to Deserta Island, where the only building is the Estaminé Restaurant. Sink your feet into a stretch of white sand eleven kilometres long, and enjoy the luxury of having a Portuguese oasis all to yourselves. Take a leisurely stroll through the impossibly romantic cobbled streets of Cidade Velha—Faro’s old town—to the orange-tree-lined Largo da Sé, where the câmara municipal (town hall), Paço Episcopal (Bishop’s Palace) and the ancient Sé (cathedral) create a charming tableau of a bygone Portugal.
Family playgrounds
Explore the beautiful Ria Formosa lagoon and its wildlife with the whole family on a kayak tour of its sandy islands separated by natural inlets and channels. A migratory corridor, the area contains some of the last remaining nesting grounds in Europe for several species of birds. Cool off at the Aquashow Water Park, just outside of Faro. Swim with sea lions, ride the biggest water roller coaster in Europe, or check out three different animal shows (reptiles, parrots and birds of prey), after which you can hold the featured creatures and take photos with them.
Travelling with friends
Make the most of your vacation at the Algarve Luxury Bootcamp, where a holistic approach to improving fitness, lifestyle and emotional health in five-star surroundings can give you and your friends a new lease on life. Experience Faro underwater with Hidroespaço, a diving outfit that takes you exploring through shipwrecks and reefs. It accommodates novices and experienced divers, so your whole group can enjoy the experience.

Discover the city of Faro and much more!

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Portugal Your Way
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    Portugal Your Way 

    Get to know Portugal on a journey through this charming country. Up north, taste Porto’s namesake wine and explore its enchanting, picturesque streets. Admire Lisbon from atop São Jorge Castle and get carried away by the sounds of fado in the Alfama district. Down south, the Algarve’s grottoes and rock formations jutting out from the deep blue sea will forever be etched in your memory.

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