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Porto: your port of call in Portugal

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Your Porto Vacation is Calling

There’s a reason Porto is home to the third busiest airport in all of Portugal. Not only is the birthplace of port wine experiencing an architectural design renaissance, it also boasts some of the finest restaurants in the country. Porto is full of surprises and you’ll love travelling with your family, friends or other half!

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Wander through its UNESCO World Heritage historical centre and alley-crossed Ribeira district. Follow the grapevine to the enchanting Douro Valley and its vineyards on terraces for jaw-dropping vistas and excellent port wines. And explore Porto through a different lens by cruising under its six bridges on the Douro River.

Porto Your Way

You should spend a leisurely afternoon wandering around this fascinating city. Take in the incredibly romantic view from the top of the Torre dos Clerigos. Then, be sure to stop at the Livraria Lello, voted one of the most beautiful bookstores in all of Europe. Finish your tour with a cruise upriver on the Douro. Be sure to go at least as far as Pinhão—you wouldn’t want to miss its stunning landscape!
Family playgrounds
Kids love to get up close and personal with seahorses and sharks at Sea Life Porto, the city’s aquarium, and to lay back and learn about the stars at the Planetário do Porto. The Dragão Stadium—home of FC Porto, two-time UEFA champions —is a must-see. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a Champions League Game!
Travelling with friends
One of Portugal’s most famous exports, port wine, is named for this city. That’s why no trip is complete without a guided wine tour and visits to the various wine caves. You should also try Porto’s other specialty, the Francesinha, a meat sandwich covered in cheese and beer sauce. Unlike the baroque style of other major Portuguese cities, Porto is a granite example of medieval and modern monuments existing side by side. One of the oldest European centres, it was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.

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