Cayo Largo: Paradise off the Cuban coast

Cayo Largo was developed thirty years ago purely for touristic purposes, so everything on the island is geared towards creating the perfect Caribbean holiday. All-inclusive hotels stretch out over pristine white sand beaches, gorgeous coral reefs are prime for snorkelling enthusiasts, and iguanas and flamingos lounge alongside tourists under the hot Cuban sun.

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Top Excursions in Cayo Largo

An excursion is the best way to explore a country and infuse a little excitement into your vacation! At Transat, we offer options for all tastes in each of our destinations. Whether you enjoy spa treatments, water sports, hiking, boat tours and museums, Transat can help you make the most of your vacation with our selection of excursions.
  • Cayo Rico

    Breathe in the ocean air while aboard our popular Trimaran to the magnificent Cayo Rico. Discover the beauty of this serene island while exploring its unique iguana population, snorkeling in stunning coral reefs, and swimming in natural pools with star fish.

    View Details
  • Dolphin Swim

    Get up close and personal with dolphins during an interactive encounter at Playa Sirena. Swim and play with these intelligent mammals, rub their bellies, have your picture taken while being kissed by a dolphin and enjoy a dorsal fin ride. Ideal for couples and families!

    View Details
  • Scuba Diving

    Discover Cayo Largo's breathtaking underwater world! You're sure to enjoy an unforgettable moment.

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  • Sunset Cruise

    Embark on a stunning sunset cruise aboard a luxury Catamaran. Take in the beauty of the coral reef while snorkelling in its magnificent waters. Visit unique island iguanas before seeing natural pool starfish. Enjoy a delicious dinner of grilled lobster or chicken with beverages included.

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Transat Sun Collections

At Transat, we believe that everyone deserves their place in the sun. That's why we propose six holiday collections perfectly suited to the budgets and desires of couples, families, and solo travellers. Whatever your style of travel, by choosing Transat, you will find your dream destination for your tropical holiday and enjoy a host of exclusive benefits that will surely kick your happiness level up a notch...or two!