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Acapulco: Palm trees, golden sand and memorable nights

Once a Love Boat-worthy dream destination frequented by stars like Elvis Presley and Liz Taylor, Acapulco has a cachet like no other Mexican hotspot. Today, its all-inclusive hotels and decadent, sultry weather tempt travellers the world over to catch a flight to paradise.


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Acapulco came into prominence in the 50s, when stars like Elvis Presley and Liz Taylor would arrive by luxurious cruise ships to stroll the city streets. Still known to attract international jet setters, Acapulco and its all-inclusive hotels make travellers from around the world want to come enjoy the year-round tropical weather.

Discover Acapulco

La Quebrada Clavadistas have been world famous ever since Elvis’s Fun in Acapulco hit the big screens in 1963. The daredevil cliff divers plunge from a precipice 35 metres high into the sea below. For the evening shows, they do it carrying torches.

Head to Isla La Roqueta from Playa Caleta on a glass-bottom boat tour, and spot not only sea life, but the submerged statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the way. Spend the day on the island swimming, snorkelling, sampling seafood and hiking up to the lighthouse for an awesome view.

Hire a tour guide and head out to Inalambrica #6 between La Quebrada and Sinfonía to see the Diego Rivera mural. Frida Kahlo’s husband created the mosaic sculpture painting after her death on the outside walls of an estate now up for sale.
Party with Mexican high society at Baby‘O, Acapulco’s cave-like nightclub where you can dance until noon the next day. The cover at Mandara might seem steep, until you realize it’s open bar. The service here is so attentive it’s like having your own personal waiter. Disco Beach is a legendary pick-up joint right on the sand, known for its legendary foam parties where anything goes!
Join the beautiful people on the golden sands that arc around Acapulco Bay. Parasail, banana boat, waterski or jet ski on Playa Condesa, the area’s trendiest beach. Caleta and Caletilla are famous for their carnival-like atmospheres and calm waters, while Playa La Angosta is for sunbathers who like their beaches small and secluded.

Acapulco Your Way

For those looking to relax on more intimate beaches and enjoy calm waters, Playa Angosta is the place for you! Adrenaline junkies are invited to encourage the famous divers at La Quebrada who don’t hesitate to jump off cliffs 30 metres high. In the evening, the show is even more impressive as they launch themselves with torches. To learn more about the life of Frida Khalo, we recommend hiring a guide to take you to the fresco of her husband, Diego Rivera. Nights are anything but quiet in Acapulco. Among the area’s most popular nightclubs, Baby’O lets you get your groove on until noon the next day, or why not dance barefoot on the sand at Disco Beach! Certain clubs also have open bar for a pricier admission fee.
Family playgrounds
All around the Bay of Acapulco are a succession of magnificent golden sand beaches that form the shape of a circular arc. There’s no shortage of sports activities either. From a water-skiing session to parasailing high up in the sky, there’s something to keep you busy throughout your holiday. Be sure to go jet skiing at Playa Condesa before leaving Acapulco! Still among the area’s hippest beaches, Caleta and Caletilla are known for their festive atmosphere and calm waters. Set off for Isla de la Roqueta aboard a glass-bottom boat to admire the wonderful marine world beneath you, as well as the statue of the patron saint of fishermen, the famous Virgin of Guadalupe. Round off the day with a walk to the lighthouse to admire the amazing view.

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