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Cozumel: holidays on Mexico’s largest Caribbean island

Your Cozumel Vacation

A sleepy little place with a world-class diving scene, Cozumel is Mexico’s largest Caribbean island. Devoid of skyscrapers and highways but well-fitted with chilled- out hotels and all-inclusive resorts, this is one destination that shouldn’t be missed.

Discover Cozumel in a new light

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Entry and exit requirements

 It is important to note that it is the passenger’s responsibility to verify and comply to the Mexican government’s entry and exit requirements. It is possible to consult our practical guide for travellers to learn more about the current requirements.

A tourist card (official entry immigration form) will be distributed onboard by the flight crew (one card per family) with the exception of flights to Cancun. Passengers must ensure they fill in the form with the correct information, as it appears on their passport.

Presence of Sargassum in Mexico and the Caribbean
Depending on the weather conditions, winds and tides may bring large quantities of Sargassum to shore. Since seaweed moves with the ocean currents, quantities may vary by place and day. Transat would like to inform its clients that this natural phenomenon beyond its control affects several parts of Mexico and the Caribbean. Although the presence of this brown seaweed is greater than usual, our hotel partners are making every effort to clean the beaches when necessary.

New anti-smoking legislation in Mexico
Since January 2023, smoking is strictly prohibited in public places in Mexico. This law applies to beaches, parks, hotels, and restaurants. It is also illegal to bring electronic cigarettes or vaping devices and their solutions into Mexico. Violators may be subject to fines or detention.

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