This excursion has been specially designed for those interested in arts and crafts, with stops along the way in small villages with rich cultural traditions, between the Sonsonate and Ahuachapán departments. The first stop is in Nahuizalco, which is characterized by its strong pre-Columbian traditions. Well known as one of the country's most important indigenous and handcraft manufacturers. You will find baskets and furniture made of natural fibres (such as tule and wicker) that colour the streets. Its colonial church and market are an attraction. Next stop is Salcoatitan, with its beautiful white colonial church in front of the central plaza. It is known that the first coffee tree was planted in this city, a profitable product that now supports the local economy. Another stop on the way is the town of Apaneca, where flowers grow in abundance and the constant breeze carries the scents of pine and coffee throughout the village. Last stop of the trip is Concepcion de Ataco, a pre-Columbian town founded by the Pipil tribe, located in the heart of the mountains, where its cobblestone streets and lanterns take us back in time.