Dr Fish Ocean Spa combines the natural marine environment with lots of activities that will leave you revitalized and refreshed at the end of this experience. Try the bio-pilates, an innovative exercise system proven to boost your energy levels. Enjoy our floating mattress, and let the ocean provide you peace of mind and total relaxation. Allow our experts to take care of you with two massages, the more traditional full body with masseuse and a relaxing moment in an electronic bed. These massages will help your body release tension, stress and muscular pains. Prepare yourself for our electronic ionization machines that will assist in remove and eliminate all the toxins from your body. End the experience visiting some very special dermatologists, which are known as Doctor Fish. With the delicate movement of their bodies and mandibles (without teeth) they will naturally exfoliate your feet leaving your skin completely re-generate. Lunch includes chicken, salad and couscous.

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