Vacation is calling

Looking to unlock new levels of pampering? Dreaming of beach butlers bringing you smoothies while soaking up the rays? On the hunt for a sun-kissed deal? Travelling solo? Planning the perfect family getaway in the sun?

We, at Transat, have you covered, with five holiday collections tailored to your travel styles, vacation musts and budgets. So pack your bathing suit and wide-brimmed hat, and choose the collection that best suits your dream holiday!

Our Fab Finds

We also love hotels where the beach is so captivating we lose track of time, where the activities are so varied they’ll delight both lovers of Zumba and diving, and where you can relax in a comfortable room after a day of soaking up the sun’s tireless rays.

Option Flex: Flexibility and complete peace of mind

  • Exclusive offer: $49 per person

    • your departure date, destination or hotel, up to 3 hrs before departure

    • your vacation package to a friend or family member, up to 7 days before departure

    • your trip and get a full refund1

    • And more advantages!

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