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Vacations for the history and culture lover

On a guided tour of the Tulum ruins in Mexico, you ask questions like, Whatever happened to the Mayas? You prefer museum-hopping over bar-hopping. In Barcelona (which you pronounce “Barthelona”), you eat paella every day and then try to recreate it back home for your friends and family. Does this sound like you? Then you are a culture and history lover.

Read on to find the best destinations in Europe and the South to soak up the history and culture.

How do you like your cultural holiday?

Browse through all the different ways you can explore our destinations in Europe and the South that are rich in culture and history.
  • Best cultural destinations

    With thousands of years of history to explore, where do you start? Fret not. We’ve assorted some of the best destinations in Europe and the South to travel back in time.

Duo packages: one trip, two destinations

Would you like to sprinkle a little sun and surf in your culture immersion? Our Duo packages give you the best of both worlds.
  • Havana & Varadero

    3 or 4 nights Havana • 4 or 10 nights Varadero

    8 days 7 nights 15 meals

    Enjoy the best of both worlds: combine Varadero's heavenly white sands and southing waters with Havana's old-world charm and hospitality.

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    Havana and Varadero