Erroneous information and speculation in


On November 12, the French online magazine published erroneous information and speculation about Transat, without attempting to check the facts beforehand. Transat is disappointed with the use of conditional tenses and question marks, the obvious outcome of which is to propagate rumours, in an article titled “ Transat France vers un plan social avec la mise en commun des équipes? ” Transat therefore wishes to clarify the facts regarding a plan to merge Transat France business units in one single legal entity, which was presented to the firm’s comité d’entreprise on October 26, 2012.

The said merger of Transat entities in France has numerous advantages, mainly a simplification of financial administration. A reorganization of business units and an amalgamation of some departments could follow. However, contrary to’sspeculations, no “plan social” is planned and no meeting of the comité d’entreprise is scheduled on November 15, 2012. Management of Transat France will provide more details about this plan in late November.

Transat France has asked’s newsroom to correct the published story. A clarification has been sent to all professional media in France.

As stipulated in the Charte d’éthique professionnelle des journalistes, journalists should exercise the utmost vigilance before disseminating information, and the failure to check the facts constitutes a serious departure from professional performance.