False information in trade travel media O2B.com

Trade travel media O2B.com, of Spain, is conveying false information regarding Air Transat when it writes that the airline owes half a million euros to Barcelona Airlines, its former sales agent in Spain. Air Transat ended its business relationship with Barcelona Airlines in early 2014, when Barcelona Airlines defaulted on the remittance of a significant amount of money (receipts from actual ticket sales) owed to Air Transat. It was discovered soon after that Barcelona Airlines had used funds earmarked for marketing for other, unintended purposes. Therefore, Air Transat owes Barcelona Airlines nothing and the thrust of O2B.com's coverage is without merit. In contempt of basic journalistic principles, reporter Estefania Oliver did not contact Air Transat before publishing a piece headlined: "Air Transat deals a severe blow to Catalan airlines agency," which is causing unwarranted damage to Air Transat's reputation. A request for right of reply, correction and apology will be presented to O2B.com in short order.