Survey Results of the National Opinion Polls; Air Transat Holidays is Number One in Canada 

Montreal, Qc, Canada

For the second consecutive year, Air Transat Holidays is classified a favourite among Canadian travel agents, according to the results of a survey conducted by National Opinion Polls. These results indicate, without a doubt, that Air Transat Holidays enjoys great notoriety as well as a high level of trust among the community of Canadian travel agents.

To the question: When you think of a tour operator, which one comes to mind first?, travel agents respond Air Transat Holidays by a proportion of 32%. Air Transat Holidays is therefore the tour operator mentioned most frequently in a spontaneous manner.

Air Transat Holidays also takes first prize for the greatest number of general mentions (What tour operator do you know?) with 79% of responses (that is 3 out of 4), up 5 points compared to the 2002 survey results.

When we ask travel agents to identify their favourite, Canada’s leading tour operator is without contest the first choice with 28% of responses. That is twice as high as that of its closest competitor. The results of the poll have been progressing steadily since 2001, increasing from 16% to 20% to finally reach 28% in 2003.

The advancement of Air Transat Holidays among Canadian tour operators is undeniable. To the question: Through which tour operator do you book most often?, travel agents respond Air Transat Holidays by a proportion of 51%.

Another element of this study which confirms Air Transat Holidays’s position as a leader concerns destinations. When it comes to choosing a tour operator for Europe or for one of the three most popular South destinations, travel agents choose Air Transat Holidays first. Travel agents make their choices according to the following breakdown:

  • Europe 20%;
  • Cuba 32%;
  • The Dominican Republic 36%;
  • Mexico 35%.

In the majority of cases, Air Transat Holidays is twice as popular as its closest competitor.

As was the case last year, Air Transat Holidays’ brochure still collects the majority of votes and ranks as a big winner. Moreover, Air Transat Holidays clearly distinguishes itself from its competitors when it comes to producing effective advertising messages targeting consumers, maintaining first position with 32% of responses.

The National Opinion Polls firm has been conducting this survey among travel agents for the last 16 years. Interviews for this survey were held in December 2003 with 400 travel agents. “Air Transat Holidays wishes to thank the entire community of travel agents for their trust which has been reiterated through this survey,” stated Daniel Godbout, President of Vacances Air Transat Holidays.


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