News Releases

2017-08-02 Air Transat welcomes the CTA inquiry

2017-07-19 Transat signs an agreement to sell its interest in Ocean Hotels

2017-07-12 Transat unveils its enhanced website

2017-07-11 Air Transat signs an agreement to lease 10 new Airbus A321neo LRs

2017-07-06 AIR MILES® Expands Key Transat Relationship

2017-07-05 Book early and save big in Summer 2018 flights to Canada

2017-06-29 Air Transat accompanies business partners on its inaugural flight to Tel Aviv

2017-06-22 Summer in the South with Transat: the perfect solution

2017-06-21 Travel agents choose Transat among their favorites

2017-06-20 Air Transat voted Second on the Best Leisure Airline List

2017-06-19 Air Transat celebrates its first direct flight from Montreal to Tel Aviv

2017-06-13 AirHelp world airlines ranking winter 2016-2017 : Transat maintains its 5th place

2017-06-08 Vacation is calling with Transat's winter program

2017-06-08 Transat A.T. Inc. - Results for second quarter 2017

2017-06-08 /R E P E A T -- Media advisory - Transat A.T. Inc. - Second Quarter Results 2017/

2017-06-07 /R E P E A T -- Media advisory - Transat A.T. Inc. - Second Quarter Results 2017/

2017-06-06 Corporate Knights publishes 16th annual ranking - Transat named one of Canada's Best 50 Corporate Citizens for the fourth year in a row

2017-06-01 Media advisory - Transat A.T. Inc. - Second Quarter Results 2017

2017-05-25 Children travelling with their parents on Air Transat are never seated alone

2017-05-17 Air Transat brightens flight to Paris

2017-05-16 Transat takes note of the Transportation Modernization Act and urges appropriate follow-up concerning the proposed air sector initiatives

2017-05-11 Air Transat unveils its winter 2017-18 flight program

2017-05-09 Transat assists communities hit by flooding in Quebec and the rest of Canada

2017-05-09 Planning a trip to Canada? Travellers without a valid Canadian passport, permanent resident card or visa require an Electronic Travel Authorization

2017-05-01 Transat Distribution Celebrates Sales Excellence with a Trip of Lifetime for their BRAVO Club Excellence Award Winners