News Releases

2001-12-18 Transat A.T. Inc. introduces financial measures

2001-11-09 Air Transat adjusts its operations to assist Canada 3000 passengers

2001-10-05 Increase in insurance costs: Air Transat introduces a surcharge on all flights

2001-09-25 Transat to reduce its activities in order to adjust to decreased demand following terrorist attacks in the United States

2001-09-14 Air Transat resumes its regular schedule for flights to the United States starting tomorrow, September 15

2001-09-14 Les vols internationaux et intérieurs d'Air Transat se poursuivent selon l'horaire régulier

2001-09-13 Air Transat to Gradually Resume Operations

2001-09-13 Transat A.T. Inc. - 2001 Third Quarter Results - Conference Call and Webcast

2001-09-12 Mise à jour sur les vols d'Air Transat - 11 h 30

2001-09-12 All Air Transat flights are suspended until tomorrow

2001-09-11 Media advisory - Air Transat suspends all flights

2001-09-11 Air Transat Update for all flights on September 11, 2001

2001-09-11 ir Transat Flight Update for September 11 and 12, 2001

2001-09-07 Air Transat Accepts Transport Canada Decisions

2001-09-07 Déclaration de Denis Jacob, président-directeur général d’Air Transat

2001-09-05 Air Transat appointment: Pascal Briodin named Executive Vice-President, Sales and Marketing

2001-09-03 Statement by Air Transat regarding the ongoing investigation into Flight TS 236

2001-09-01 Air Transat Flight TS 236 Update: First passengers arrive home

2001-08-28 Webcast, Air Transat Flight TS 236 at 3:00PM (Montreal time)


2001-08-27 Air Transat - News Conference with Captain Robert Piché

2001-08-25 The Passengers of Air Transat Flight TS 236 en Route to Lisbon

2001-08-24 Atterrissage d'urgence d'un appareil d'Air Transat

2001-08-24 All Air Transat flights as Usual

2001-08-20 Consultour acquires the Travel Plus agency network