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France: Paris and south to the sea

France is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations thanks to an abundance of attractions, activities and unique things to do. Discover its rich history by touring its majestic castles, marvelling at its monuments and visiting its fabulous museums. Be forewarned though—a trip to France makes a romantic out of anyone!


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  • Ten Ways To Visit Aquitaine

    By MARIE-EVE VALLIERES / 23 July 2016
    Located along the wild Atlantic Coast and encompassing some of the most beautiful scenery in France, Aquitaine holds an exclusive combination of archetypal activities that will appeal to both grown-ups and little ones. The “valley of 1000 castles” is without a doubt our favourite place in all of Aquitaine. Why? Simply because we feel it perfectly embodies what most people imagine the south west of France to be like: high-perched castles overlooking medieval villages that are flanked by vineyards and luxuriant gardens.

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  • Shopping Day Trips from Paris: Vide-Greniers Galore!

    By DREW GOUGH / 15 July 2016
    Most Saturdays and Sundays, towns around Paris host vide-greniers—which translates to the lovely expression “empty attic.” A vide-grenier is a knot of the old and the now useless, its customers made up of treasure-hunting antiquers, local families in search of an easy day out, and in our case, Canadian tourists looking for a day trip from Paris. It’s old copies of video games and vintage clothing, lawn mowers and handmade ceramics. Day trips from Paris are so easy to plan. There’s a tradition and rhythm to an outdoor French sale that residents adore and tourists miss. Don’t be that tourist!

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  • Where to Eat in Paris: Eat Like a Local!

    By CEDRIC LIZOTTE / 27 May 2016
    Paris is one of the culinary capitals of the world, and “where to eat in Paris” is a hotly-debated subject amongst locals. France has one of the most celebrated food cultures on this planet. It’s also a hot spot for tourism: Paris is the third most visited city in the world, with 16 million tourists each year. There are hundreds of great bistros in Paris. Here are just a few, as recommended by Parisians themselves. Don’t forget to make reservations for all of these restaurants, since cheap and good eateries tend to get very, very busy in the City of Light.

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