Raising customers’ awareness

As a leader in sustainable tourism, we must make our customers allies to our cause. By providing them with information throughout their travel experience, we help to lessen the negative repercussions of tourism on the environment and local populations.

Encourage our customers to travel responsibly

  • Informative, practical tools help raise our customers’ awareness of the realities of sustainable tourism and influence their behaviours as travellers.

  • Transat seeks to develop tools for its destination reps and ensure they are conveyed to its customers.

  • Since 2008, we have been raising customer awareness of sustainable tourism issues via content in Atmosphere, our inflight magazine. In Canada, our brochures also include pages on the topic. A variety of communications tools are also deployed, including websites and social media.

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  • Transat has made, and will continue to make, enhancements to its various marketing tools, providing further incentives to its customers to travel more responsibly.

  • Videos will be made available soon on the various platforms informing travellers of aspects to consider and actions they can take to limit the impacts of their travel on the environment and communities in destinations they visit.

  • Objectives related to the ongoing Travelife certification process. For complete details about this certification being sought by Transat, go here.

  • Level of progress

Operations : other areas of action

More sustainable offering

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