Transat believes in generosity and in the importance of giving back to its communities. With the help of its employees, the company provides concrete support to a variety of philanthropic and humanitarian causes that it holds dear. To frame its areas of action, programs and selection criteria, Transat adopted a Philanthropy Policy in 2007.

Philanthropic applications

  • Send a concisely written background document to
    Director, Communications and Corporate Affairs, Transat A.T. Inc., 300 Léo-Pariseau Street, Suite 600, Montreal, Qc, Canada H2X 4C2
    or submit it by e-mail to

  • Transat’s philanthropy policy

    This policy covers philanthropic or humanitarian projects. Sponsorship and commercial partnership proposals should be submitted to our tour operators’ Sales and Marketing departments, at

Transat contributes to the welfare of the communities in which it operates through its business activities and the direct and indirect jobs that it creates. It goes a step further, however, by supporting causes of a philanthropic or humanitarian nature, often with the enthusiastic support of its personnel. Support is in the form of financial donations or corporate commitments of personnel or resources.

This policy frames a number of guidelines, enabling the company to effectively channel its efforts. Organizations seeking to submit a proposal or application must ensure that it fits into one of the programs outlined below and that it does not fall under the list of excluded projects (see box); otherwise, it will be rejected and may not be subject to an acknowledgement of receipt.

Projects excluded from our programs (non-exhaustive list)
  • Project submitted by an individual, elementary or high school, social club, or organization with a religious or political affiliation

  • Project that aims to promote a religious, political or economic point of view

  • Organization of conferences, conventions or special events

  • Travel by a delegation, sports team, film or TV crew, participants in a festival or other group

  • Golf or other type of tournament, even if organized for philanthropic purposes

Charitable contributions

From financial donations to volunteering, direct aid, mutual aid and fundraising drives involving employees or third parties, Transat’s generosity has positive impacts in fields including health, humanitarian assistance and tourism research.

Charitable contributions in 2020: 817,000 CAD