Clarification regarding an article in Le Devoir


Transat wishes to make a clarification regarding certain statistics mentioned in an article in the October 29, 2016, issue of the daily newspaper Le Devoir entitled Un hiver intense attend les grands voyagistes (“Rough winter in store for major tour operators”), which the author attributed to the entire industry, and in fact should have been attributed solely to Transat.

Journalist Gérard Bérubé wrote:

“The competition is all the more intense given the asymmetry in the origin of travellers across Canada, with 80% of demand concentrated in Quebec and Ontario. More specifically, 44% of these Canadians vacationing in the South come from Quebec and 36% are from Ontario. Following far behind are Alberta (8%), British Columbia (5%), the Atlantic Provinces (3%) and other regions of Canada (3%).

“Preferred Sun destinations this year are Mexico, which is expected to attract 33% of Canadian travellers, Cuba (28%), the Dominican Republic (27%), Central America (6%), the Caribbean (3%) and Jamaica (3%), again according to the forecasts provided by the integrated tour operator.”

These data, drawn from the September 2016 presentation to analysts prepared by Transat, concern only Transat and not, as the journalist implied, the overall industry.
At our request, the daily published a clarification in its November 1, 2016, Web and paper editions. We extend our thanks.