Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

According to the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are a factor in the rise in average temperatures worldwide. Because tourist activity is thought to account for 5% of GHG emissions globally, Transat believes that it must act responsibly to reduce its carbon footprint.

Renew our fleet

  • In 2019, Air Transat began the renewal of its fleet with the arrival of its first Airbus A321neoLR. The Airbus A321neoLR is in perfect sync with Air Transat’s continued efforts in sustainable tourism.

    More details here.

Develop a clean and sustainable fuel

  • Air Transat, member of SAF+ CONSORTIUM, finalist to develop sustainable fuel: its clean fuel production technology will revolutionize the aviation industry.

    More details here .

Strengthen our fuel savings program

  • As Canada's leading holiday airline, Air Transat flies millions of people to beautiful vacation destinations every year. These operations result in GHG emissions. Although air transportation accounts for only 2% of worldwide GHG emissions, Air Transat believes that everyone must do their part to combat climate change and support airline industry standards and goals established by IATA and ICAO. To that end, in 2004 it instituted a fuel management program, which has since become one of the most innovative and rigorous in the industry.

Encourage our employees to use sustainable transportation

If every one of our 5,000 employees in Canada adopts sustainable transportation for their commute or limits their travel by automobile, the resulting reduction in emissions will be significant. Since 2010, more than 500 employees each year have taken part in our public transit incentive program.

  • Objective related to the ongoing Travelife certification process. ​​Status of work progress: 50%.

  • To increase the rate of participation in its sustainable transportation programs, Transat seeks to implement new measures.

  • Objective related to the ongoing Travelife certification process. ​​Status of work progress: Ongoing.

  • To engage more employees, Transat seeks to maintain and promote the sustainable transportation programs it makes available to Canadian personnel (OPUS, Green Commute) and in turn curb GHG emissions related to their commutes.

  • Status of work progress: Ongoing.

  • Transat raises awareness among employees by encouraging them to take part in the Défi sans auto solo day in Montreal and Bike to Work Day in Toronto.

  • Since 2015, Air Transat has made free electric-vehicle charging stations available to employees and has reserved nearly 15% of its parking spaces for low-emission and ride-share vehicles.

Reduce our business-travel-related GHG emissions

  • To reduce GHG emissions generated by its business travel, Transat must gauge the global impact of that type of travel and raise employees’ awareness.

  • Objective related to the ongoing Travelife certification process. Status of work progress: not started.

  • In order to reduce business travel, Transat wants to conduct an awareness campaign aimed at its managers.

  • Objective related to the ongoing Travelife certification process.Status of work progress: Completed.

  • To measure and in turn reduce emissions, in 2016 Transat implemented a management system to monitor them.

  • Objectives related to the ongoing Travelife certification process. For complete details about this certification being sought by Transat, go here.

  • Objectives related to the various environmental certifications achieved by Air Transat.

  • Level of progress

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